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Thaler AB where founded in 1983. The website (“the catalytic converter company”) is owned by the company Thaler AB (limited company). The company buys and refines automotive catalytic converter products. The company is Swedish and headquartered in Stockholm.

Owners, financiers and operations

The organization (Thaler AB) is an independent, privately held Swedish company without external funding. The company buys catalytic converters from individuals and companies. The catalytic converters are recycled in environmentally certified recycling facilities.

The company provides a well thought out and commercially beneficial service for purchase and recycling of scrap catalytic converters within Scandinavia. Beside from offering buying services at the offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg, the company offers collection and consignment service of catalytic converters with over 1300 different service points all over Sweden.

In addition to the business of catalytic converter recycling, the company has many years of experience and specialization in recovery of precious metals. Aside from recycling catalytic converters where precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium and ferrous metals are recovered, the company recycles silver.

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Postal adress

Thaler AB
Box 137, Gustavslundsvägen 159
167 51 Bromma

Visiting address, headquarters

Thaler AB Stockholm,
Masugnsvägen 30
Phone: +46 (0)8 716 00 00
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Bank and financial information

IBAN: SE33600000000467127018
VAT registration: SE556238383501
Corporate registration number: 556238-3835